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Who did pique cheat with?

Who did pique cheat with?

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Shakira splits from Gerard Pique as cheating allegations swirl

According to, Shakira and Gerard Pique are separating after 11 years together. The Colombian superstar and Barcelona football player have had 2 children.

Did Gerard Pique and Shakira break up because the player cheated?

According to, Perhaps the most famous couple in world soccer, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and singer Shakira have broken up. They used to be a model family. But on June 1, the Spanish edition of El Periodico reported about the divorce of the star couple because of Pique’s infidelity.

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According to the source from, GERARD PIQUE has been slammed by football fans following his split with Shakira amid allegations he cheated on the pop star. Rumours of the Barcelona star cheating on Shakira emerged earlier this…

Sharing a hint from, The rumors of Gerard Pique cheating on Shakira with a mysterious person have taken over the internet. No one expected that Gerard and Shakira’s relationship might come to the end now. Let’s find out more about the alleged rumor of Shakira and Gerard’s breakup.

If you read from, Barcelona-based news agency El Periodico reported that Shakira recently found out that the Spanish footballer has cheated on her. According to the report, Shakira found Gerard Pique sleeping with…

It is inferred from, One fan wrote: “Pique is insane for cheating on Shakira like how stupid do you have to be to cheat on her.” Read More in Football. BARCEL-OVER Shakira SPLITS from Barca ace Pique after 11 years amid ‘cheating’ claims. Another added: “Imagine having Shakira as your girlfriend and then cheating on someone else. Gerard Pique you absolute moron.”

A post published in, Shakira and her partner Pique Related: Shakira Rumored to Split From Gerard Pique After 11 Years For Cheating In a live stream podcast of Mamarazzis’ earlier this week, Journalist Emilio Perez claimed that the couple has already been separated. He said, “ [Shakira] has made the decision to separate. That is so. It has happened.

It is learnt from a blog, The singer caught her footballer partner cheating on her with another woman, according to a recent report by Barcelona-based El Periodico. However, the couple is yet to comment on the matter. The…

It is understood from sites like, According to El Periodico journalist Emilio Pérez de Rozas, the world-renowned pop star caught Pique cheating with another woman a few weeks back, which has led to the alleged split. The Barcelona star has reportedly moved out of the house that he shares with Shakira, and Pique has been living in his bachelor pad for several weeks.

Source:, “So Pike just cheated on Shakira with … Gavi darone! I swear, this club is the pinnacle of entertainment.” “Yeah, the force really felt how cool this guy was.” “Gerard Pique allegedly cheated on Shakira with Gavi’s mother, and he no longer cheated on his Insta after I was beaten.” “Pitch cheated on Shakira with Gavi’s mom.

I had gone through, The version that Pique cheated on Shakira with a 20-year-old student who works as a waitress looks more feasible. This was reported by a Spanish journalist Ruben Dario Gonzalez. Maybe they didn’t break up after all? Fans of the couple still don’t believe in their breakup, and for good reason.


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