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Who was the first person on earth?

Who was the first person on earth?

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From source: The Last Man on Earth is an American post-apocalyptic comedy television series created by and starring Will Forte. It premiered on Fox on March 1, 2015…

From source: first person to use the word γεωγραφία was Eratosthenes (276–194 BC). Geography is an all-encompassing discipline that seeks an understanding of Earth and…


According to the source from, According to the Christian Bible, Adam was the first person, man or woman, to live on earth. However, scientific findings suggest that Adam was not the first human on Earth. It is nearly impossible to know who the first human on Earth was.

Sharing a hint from, The Bible tells us that Adam was the first person that was created on Earth. Then God created Eve as his help mate. The creation story is recorded in the book of Genesis chapters 1 and 2. Mankind is special above all other creatures because it bears the image of God ( Genesis 1:27 ).

If you read from, The first people, or human beings, appeared on Earth some 200,000 years ago on the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa. All modern humans belong to the species known as Homo sapiens that evolved from earlier species of hominids. The term “people” can also be extended to all forms of humans, including earlier hominids from which modern humans derive.

It is inferred from, The Very First Person of Earth These very ancient people are all members of our large extended family. They are the ancestors of everybody who are alive today. They slowly spread across Africa. Living in every corner. The cranny they could during the first 100,000 years. That our species was around. They settled down by the coast in the mountains.

A post published in, Judeo Christian religions believe that Adam was the first man on Earth and was created in man’s present form by God, though scientists believe the first man on Earth actually evolved a couple hundred thousand years earlier. Though scientists sometimes give the theoretical first man the name “Adam” in reference to the Biblical Adam, they …

It is learnt from a blog, Approximately 300,000 years ago, the first Homo sapiens — anatomically modern humans — arose alongside our other hominid relatives. It is unknown whether we descended directly from Homo erectus,…

It is understood from sites like, First Born (Prime Earth) ADAM (1). ADAM1 was the first man. There are two stories of his creation. The first tells that God created man in his image, male and female together (Genesis 1: 27), and Adam is not named in this version.

Source:, Humans first appeared on Earth at least 315,000 years ago. This figure is based on fossil remains found in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco – the earliest-known remains of modern humans. The exact time humans first appeared is difficult to judge because species don’t come into being overnight. Rather, they change and evolve slowly from ancestral species.


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