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Who invented the skateboard?

Who invented the skateboard?

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A brief history of skateboarding

According to, Take an intimate look at some of the notable events from the history of skateboarding and find out how it got to where it is today.

InventHelp Inventor Develops Fun & Fit Way to Propel a Skateboard (DAL-141)

According to, The patent-pending PUSH ROD provides an effective way to propel a skateboarder while eliminating the need to constantly push with the feet and legs. As a benefit, it saves effort

From source: professional skateboarder who practices freestyle skateboarding and street skateboarding. He is considered the most influential street skater in the history…

From source: as a "magic flip", was invented by professional skateboarder Rodney Mullen. The following is a list of general skateboarding terms that will assist novice…

From source: Skateboarding is an action sport originating in the United States that involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard, as well as a recreational…


According to the source from, Who Invented the Skateboard? There are many different inventions that could be attributed to the father of modern skateboarding, but it is often said it was Larry Stevenson who designed a board similar in design and function in the early 1960s.

Sharing a hint from, Larry Stevenson and Makaha Skateboards In 1961, inspired by the scooters with a handle attached that Leo Carrillo gave children at orphanages and state homes in California during Christmas time in 1939, Stevenson thought skateboarding could be a part of surf culture.

If you read from, After a bit of digging, we decided that the one who invented the skateboard is: Bill Richards In 1958, while attending the University of California at Santa Barbara, Bill Richards developed a skateboard by attaching rollerblading wheels to a wood board.

It is inferred from, The modern skateboard was invented in 1963 by Larry Stevenson and mass-production was launched by his skateboard manufacturing company, Makaha. However, skateboarding initially originated in California during the 1950s and was originally referred to as sidewalk surfing. Skateboarding began in the 1950s with California Surfers

A post published in, The inventor of the skateboard is often stated as being Larry Stevenson who designed a skateboard similar to a small surfboard in the early 1960s. However, there were many other skateboard type designs that were created much earlier than the 1960s with many claiming to be the original inventor.

It is learnt from a blog, Larry Stevenson Inventing Skateboards There are different styles of skateboards. After the invention of the kicktail in 1969, more styles of skateboard began to come out. Originally, Larry sold the surfboard style that was made with flat wood and wheels. But over time, he began designing new styles and learned new tricks.

It is understood from sites like, Skateboards and Invention. From its origins—roller-skate wheels attached to a wooden board—the skateboard has given rise to a vibrant culture of art, music, and sport. Used by surfers when there were no waves to ride, the skateboard was first manufactured in California. Its board, or deck, owes its heritage to the papa he‘e malu …

Source:, Many new tricks were perfected and invented on skateboards during the 1970s, which made many interested in improving them. In 1981 one of the biggest skateboard companies ever was founded, Trasher Magazine which to this day remains as a huge skating powerhouse. Street skating also gained popularity in the ’80s, and this is where the use of …

I had gone through, There are multiple reports from self-proclaimed skate-historians of who, what and where the first skateboards appeared. It is largely agreed upon that skateboards originated in the United States,…


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